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Recommended for the AAPC Exams (CPC, CIC, COC) 


Nowadays,' there are tons of medical coding classes online. Most of them are self-study with minimum support. This leaves students with unanswered questions at the end of the day, feeling alone without any help from a real-life instructor, and with no interactions with classmates.  Starting a new career alone with little or no guidance can be challenging. Our Instructor-led courses give students the same sense of a traditional classroom from the comfort of their own home. Students will have the option to meet with a live instructor weekly, interact with other students, or attend on-demand and watch our classes when convenient for them. Studies have shown that most students learn better and are more successful instructor-led courses because it allows teacher assistance and interaction with peers.


Course Features:

  • INTERACTIVE! CLASS (Instruction with a live real-time teacher)

  • Constant student/teacher communication

  • Classes are hosted on the most innovative webinar platform available!

  • Interactive classroom environment

  • We record our live classes for students to watch as many times as they want.

  • One of the most affordable quality Multispecialty PREP medical coding courses!

  • 12 Months Access to course materials

  • Get one on one medical coding guidance throughout the course.

  • Get real medical coding training for multiple environments, including Ambulatory Surgery, inpatient, Physician office, Emergency Department, Same-day Surgery Centers, etc.

  • Learn how to code using an encoder and Computer-Assisted Coding


How Does This Program Benefit You

  • Students will learn to code in multiple coding settings, including outpatient hospital services, physician offices, inpatient, ambulatory surgery centers, etc.

  • Students will be more than 90% more likely to pass their certification exam the first time they complete this course.

  •  Students will be trained to use encoders during class to prepare them for employment.

  • Students that take this instructor-led course are more likely to complete the course than students that enroll in online self-study courses.

  • Class participants will have the opportunity to code in a simulated work environment.

  • Students will be trained to reach an advanced level of coding ICD-10CM/PCS, CPT, HCPCS, 


What Successful Students Receive


  • Certificate of completion for medical coding.

  • Access to job leads.

  • Unprecedented tips on finding your first job.

  • Certification exam tips

  • Code real inpatient, physician, and outpatient cases in our simulated online work environment

  •  Students will be trained to use encoders during class to prepare them for employment.

  • ​Our online self Study Anatomy, Medical Terminology, Pathopharmacology courses are all included in your tuition for a limited time. Register today and access these courses within 1- 2 business days.  


Get Real-Life Experience

We teach students to code in the real world, not just how to pass a certification exam!

To increase job opportunities, we will train our student's to code real cases, including:

  • Physician cases

  • Inpatient cases 

  • Multi-specialty cases

  • Outpatient surgery cases

  • Outpatient ancillary cases

  • Emergency cases

  • Radiology cases

  • Evaluation and management

  • Anesthesia

  • Path and laboratory cases

  • OB/GYN cases

  • Newborn cases

  • ... and more


Why should you take this course?


  • This course is recommended for prep for multiple certification exams.
  • CPC PREP Review Class
  • Students will learn to work in multiple settings, including inpatient, outpatient, and physician.
  • Provides more job opportunities than other online courses.
  • Access to course materials for one year!
  • 10 + practice test
  • 3 CPC Mock Exams
  • This course is 100% instructor- led!
  • Includes Online Anatomy Course
  • Includes Online Medical Terminology Course
  • Includes Online Pathopharmacology




The Ultimate Medical Billing and Coding Course


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