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Become a certified medical coding professional by enrolling in Learn Medical Coding LLC. Outpatient Medical Coding Course. This medical coding program teaches students how to code using diagnosis codes (ICD10-CM) and procedure codes(CPT/HCPCS). Although the program is designed for 4- 6 months of study, which will include all the relevant coursework to successfully pass the CPC exam, students will have an entire year to complete the program. The CPC Exam is one of the most recognized medical coding certifications and is the certification of choice for outpatient and physician coding setting.A medical terminology course is included. Our medical Terminology Online course is a fun and an interactive way for students to learn medical vocabulary. The online modules include case studies that introduce the medical terminology and how it relates to the care of patients with specific medical conditions. The course modules include video clips, animations, and slideshows to assist with the demonstration of the meaning and use of common medical terms. Also, students will apply medical terms to real-world scenarios.This course includes all course textbooks. Medical Coding books must be purchased separately. 


Student's will have 12 months to complete this program.

NEW! LMC Online Self- Study Outpatient Medical Coding

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