LIVE! The Medical  Coding Course (CPC PREP)Starts July 29th!


​​​Recommended for AAPC Certification Exams (CPC PREP)

​Start date: July 29, 2020

Class start time: 7:30PM CST, 8:30PM EST, 5:30 PST

Class end time: 9:00PM CST, 10:00PM EST, 10:00 PST

Day of the week: Thursday's

Duration of the Course: 16 Weeks!

Course Features:

LIVE! INTERACTIVE! CLASS (Instruction with a live real-time teacher)

Constant student/teacher communication

Classes are hosted on the most innovative webinar platform available!

Interactive classroom environment

We record our live classes for students to watch as many times as they want.

One of the most affordable quality CPC PREP medical coding courses!

6 Month Access to course materials

Get one on one medical coding guidance throughout the course.

Get Real- Life Experience

We teach student's to code in the real world not just how to pass a certification exam!

To increase job opportunities we will train our student's to code real case including:

  • Physician cases

  • Inpatient cases 

  • Multi-specialty cases

  • Outpatient surgery cases

  • Outpatient ancillary cases

  • Emergency cases

  • Radiology cases

  • Evaluation and management

  • Anesthesia

  • Path and laboratory cases

  • OB/GYN cases

  • Newborn cases

  • ... and more


Medical coding careers are one of the fastest-growing occupations in today's society. Jobs are projected to increase at 20% by the end of 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Learn Medical Coding The Ultimate Medical Coding Course was designed to help students develop the skills needed to capitalize on this high demand. Student's that take this course are more likely to pass their certifications than students that take other self- study online courses. This course is lower cost than most other online courses but offers way more interaction with an instructor.

How Does This Program Benefit You

  • Students will learn to code in multiple coding settings, including outpatient hospital services, physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers, etc.

  • Students will have more than 85% more likely to pass their certification exam the first time when completing this course.

  •  Students will be trained to use encoders during class to prepare them for employment.

  • Students that take this live virtual course are more likely to complete the course than students that enroll in online self- study courses.

  • Class participants will have the opportunity to code in a simulated work environment.

  • Students will be trained to reach an advanced level of coding ICD-10CM, CPT, HCPCS, 

What Successful Students Receive


  • Certificate of completion for medical coding and a certificate of completion for medical coding

  • Access to job leads.

  • Unprecedented tips on finding your first job.

  • Certification exam tips

  • 3 CPC Mock Exams

  • Access to our simulated Internship(includes 500 real cases to code)

  • ​For a limited time, all codebooks, our online self Study Anatomy, and Medical Terminology courses are all included in your tuition. Register today and get access to these courses within 1- 2 business days.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course? 30 weeks

Do I need previous medical coding experience before enrolling? No

What sets your class apart from others I can join online? Our virtual courses are offered live and not a prerecording, so students can ask questions and get on the spot help with difficult questions right away. Also, our classes are structured, so students are more likely to complete the course. We train for more than one certification during this course, so students will have the potential to earn more money because of more career opportunities. Students will also have better job opportunities because they are trained to work almost anywhere as a coder.