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LMC 16 week  Medical Coding Course (CPC PREP)  W/Simulated Internship


Tuition: $1595(Register by January 19, 2020 and get 20% off!)



Class start date: January 28, 2020

Class start time: 5:30PM CST, 6:30PM EST, 3:30 PST
Class end time: 7:00PM CST, 8:00PM EST, 5:00PST
Day of the week: Tuesday 
Duration of the Course: 16 Weeks!
Location: LIVE! Virtual Interactive Webinar!



Learn Medical Coding LLC is now offering a 16-week course that will prepare students to successfully pass the CPC Exam. Students that completes this course are more than 85% likely to pass the certification exam than students that do not take this course. The students in this course will get hands-on experience coding real coding cases! Students will learn how to look up codes efficiently in code books, how to read and pick the correct keywords in medical reports and a thorough review of coding guidelines to code accurately. Students will also learn how to identify ICD 10CM main terms and how to choose first- listed diagnoses We will also discuss certification testing techniques to assist students with passing the certification exam. This coding class has changed the way people learn medical coding. 

Our course is a truly affordable class. We use real patient examples from real reports and students will code actual procedures and diagnoses. We show you how to: recognize pertinent information quickly and effectively. And we will show students how to understand and comprehend operative reports! 

Studies have shown that students are more successful with smaller classes and hands-on experience. This class will have limited seating and is very interactive! Eighty- five percent of the Live! Course activities will be a hands-on experience. Student’s will practice test taking and gain medical coding working skills by coding real cases using our virtual office. Students will also learn how to use encoders. 

Students will be trained in 18 medical specialties provided in a realistic simulation internship of the workload in a multi-specialty medical environment. This will provide students  with application for what they are learning in the medical coding class.  

Note: There is a non- refundable tuition fee of $150

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