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At Learn Medical Coding LLC, an online medical coding school, we are dedicated to one thing: helping you get the online education you need to have the career of your dreams. Whatever your goals in life may be, we are here to help you achieve them with our vast selection of classes and programs in all the leading careers. We want to create opportunities for all of our students, and we do this by making quality education accessible to everyone.

Learn Medical Coding LLC, provides quality education for a low tuition cost. We work with great educational partners, such as CareerStep and 360 Training. Our course catalog is growing every year, and we have managed to keep our costs low for our students. We currently have hundreds of students enrolled in our programs, and we only hope to grow so that we can help our students achieve their goals.

Our courses provide you with training that allows you to do more than just receive a certificate. We are committed to giving you the necessary tools to become knowledgeable in your career. Once you have completed our courses, you will have the confidence to excel in your career.


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We offer Excellent courses for affordable prices.
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Students that take our coding classes have a higher Exam pass rate of 85% the first time taking the Certification exam.
We have over 20 years of experience.
We are coding experts, ask us any questions that you may have about coding.
We give you proven tips that will help you pass the certification exam.
We are dedicated to helping you pass your exam.
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We make learning enjoyable.
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Online Medical Coding Class